How To Get Father, Son or Grandmother Tokens in Warframe? (2024)

With the ‘Heart of Deimos’ update (Update 29), Digital Extremes introduced a new open world as well as a whole new syndicate: The Entrati Family plays an essential part in the lore of Warframe, even though they are currently not in the best state.

That said, if you’re trying to get your hands on Xaku, new weapons, Necramechs and more, you will need to grind through the different aspects of the syndicate, increase your standing with them, and learn more about how to be an efficient family token farmer.

While you will use the Entrati Family Tokens to increase the syndicate standing, there are also a few different things you can and need to do with the different tokens.

This guide will give you a short overview and explain everything you need to know.

How To Get All Entrati Family Tokens

There are currently six different tokens, each with their own unique method of acquisition.

Getting your hands on all the tokens needed will take some time, so make sure to be ready to grind your way through the Cambion Drift.

It also doesn’t really matter where you start, but we suggest doing some bounties first before you hop into something different.

To increase your standing with the syndicate, you need to trade different tokens at ‘Grandma’. So head over there and make sure to fully use your daily standing.

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How To Get Mother Token

‘Mother’ is currently the head of the Entrati syndicate and offers you bounties as well as the chance to increase your rank with the family.

So if you did hit the maximum for your current rank, talk to her and see what sacrifices are needed to reach the next rank.

There are currently two different ways to get your hands on Mother Tokens:

  1. Bounties: Before you accept a bounty mission from ‘Mother’ you will see the amount of tokens you’ll get in the top left corner in the bounty screen. Successfully completing the bonus objective inside your bounty will also yield more tokens, so make sure to keep an eye out for that!
  2. Cambion Drift Caves: If you find yourself wandering the cave system under the Cambion Drift, you might find some tokens just lying around, ready to be picked up.

While the Mother Tokens only offer 100 standing towards the Entrati syndicate, they are the easiest tokens to farm.

Running bounties will yield a lot of tokens as well as some extra loot.

How To Get Father Token

‘Father’ is your place to go if you’re looking to spend some standing on new weapons or mods. He also offers his own type of token in exchange for different resources found on the Cambion Drift.

There are currently two ways to farm Father Tokens:

  1. Deimos Resources: Doesn’t matter if you’re running bounties, the Isolation Vault, or if you’re just free roaming on the Cambion Drift – eventually you’ll start getting a lot of different resources. While some of these are needed to craft the newest weapons (and more), you can also trade them with ‘Father’ for his tokens. Make sure to keep visiting him as the requested resources change from time to time.
  2. Cambion Drift Caves: Same as with Mother Tokens, sometimes you’ll find the Father Tokens just lying around in the cave system.

Trading the tokens with ‘Grandmother’ for standing will give 100 points per token.

How To Get Daughter Token

If you’ve ever talked to the fishing vendor in Cetus or Fortuna, you’ll know what to do: Buy the newest fishing spear from ‘Daughter’ (also known as ‘Kaelli’), head out into the open world and start catching the different fishes floating around.

‘Daughter’ offers different trophy blueprints if you do want to place those inside your ship.

Again, you can get the Daughter Tokens two different ways:

  1. Cutting Fish: Once you’ve managed to catch a few different fish species, head back to ‘Daughter’, let her cut the fish, and use the fish parts to trade for her tokens. As with ‘Father’, the requested fish parts change from time to time, so make sure to come back.
  2. Cambion Drift Caves: Yes, you can get these from the cave system as well. Just get lucky.

Trading the tokens with ‘Grandmother’ will yield 100 Entrati standing per token.

How To Get Son Token

‘Son’ does offer you tools for Conservation, allowing you to catch the wildlife of Deimos.

You can also buy everything needed to get the infested companions from him, so make sure to take a look at his inventory.

There are currently two ways to get Son Tokens:

  1. Conversation: Tranquilizing your conversation target and capturing it in time will yield tags, which can be traded with ‘Son’ for his own tokens.
  2. Cambion Drift Caves: Well, you’ve probably guessed it by now, but you can find Son Tokens in the cave system of the Cambion Drift.

If you trade the Son Tokens with ‘Grandmother’, each token will give you 500 standing points towards the Entrati syndicate.

How To Get Grandmother Token

‘Grandmother’ not only useful to trade the Entrati family tokens for syndicate standing, but she also offers cosmetic items as well as seven new scenes for Captura. Mend the family.

There are two different ways to get Grandmother Tokens:

  1. Entrati Family Tokens: You can use all the other tokens from the Entrati Family to trade for Grandmother Tokens. Make sure to have a good collection from all family members.
  2. Cambion Drift Caves: Cave systems. Should be clear by now.

Grandmother Tokens offer a huge amount of Entrati standing if you trade those with ‘Grandmother’ – it is often more efficient to trade the other family tokens for Grandmother Tokens and use these to increase your standing with the syndicate.

How To Get Otak Token

Every open world city in Warframe offers a character that trades gems and ores. Deimos isn’t different in that regard and Otak is your go-to being for that.

He also sells the blueprints to refine the raw materials, so use your standing if you need to get them.

There are currently two ways to get Otak Tokens:

  1. Mining Resources: The different gems and ores can be traded for the Otak Tokens, so pull out your mining laser and roam the Cambion Drift for mining targets.
  2. Cambion Drift Caves: Well, no surprise here. Get into the cave system and make sure to keep your eyes open.

100 standing for each of Otak’s tokens if you trade them with ‘Grandmother’.

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It is also important to note that you will need a few tokens to raise through the ranks of the Entrati syndicate, with the exception of Otak and Grandmother.

That said, you probably don’t need to do a lot of fishing or mining unless you need the resources to craft the new content. Otherwise we recommend concentrating on bounty farm or conversation.

If you want to add some tips and tricks or if you think we’ve missed some important information, make sure to leave us a comment down below!

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