PhysicsLAB: June 2016, Part 1 (2024)

1. Which quantity is a vector?
2. A 65.0-kilogram astronaut weighs 638 newtons at the surface of Earth. What is the mass of the astronaut at the surface of the Moon, where the acceleration due to gravity is 1.62 meters per second squared?
3. When the sum of all the forces acting on a block on an inclined plane is zero, the block
4. The greatest increase in the inertia of an object would be produced by increasing the
5. A 100.-kilogram cart accelerates at 0.50 meter per second squared west as a horse exerts a force of 60. newtons west on the cart. What is the magnitude of the force that the cart exerts on the horse?
6. Sound waves are described as
7. An electrical force of 8.0 × 10−5 newton exists between two point charges, q1 and q2. If the distance between the charges is doubled, the new electrical force between the charges will be
8. A blue lab cart is traveling west on a track when it collides with and sticks to a red lab cart traveling east. The magnitude of the momentum of the blue cart before the collision is 2.0 kilogram • meters per second, and the magnitude of the momentum of the red cart before the collision is 3.0 kilogram • meters per second. The magnitude of the total momentum of the two carts after the collision is

9. The diagram below represents the path of a thrown ball through the air.

PhysicsLAB: June 2016, Part 1 (1)

Which arrow best represents the direction in which friction acts on the ball at point P?

10. A magnetic field would be produced by a beam of

11. The diagram below represents the electric field in the region of two small charged spheres, A and B. What is the sign of the net charge on A and B?

PhysicsLAB: June 2016, Part 1 (6)

12. A horizontal force of 20 newtons eastward causes a 10-kilogram box to have a displacement of 5 meters eastward. The total work done on the box by the 20-newton force is
13. A block initially at rest on a horizontal, frictionless surface is accelerated by a constant horizontal force of 5.0 newtons. If 15 joules of work is done on the block by this force while accelerating it, the kinetic energy of the block increases by

14. Two objects, A and B, are held one meter above the horizontal ground. The mass of B is twice as great as the mass of A. If PE is the gravitational potential energy of A relative to the ground, then the gravitational potential energy of B relative to the ground is

15. What is the kinetic energy of a 55-kilogram skier traveling at 9.0 meters per second?

16. A 5.09 x 1014-hertz electromagnetic wave is traveling through a transparent medium. The main factor that determines the speed of this wave is the

17. A motor does a total of480 joules ofwork in 5.0 seconds to lift a 12-kilogram block to the top of a ramp. The average power developed by the motor is
18. A 5.8 x 104-watt elevator motor can lift a total weight of 2.1 x 104 newtons with a maximum constant speed of
19. A stationary police officer directsradiowaves emitted by a radar gun at a vehicle moving toward the officer. Compared to the emitted radio waves, the radio waves reflected from the vehicle and received by the radar gun have a
20. A light wave strikes the Moon and reflects toward Earth. As the light wave travels from the Moon toward Earth, the wave carries
21. The time required to produce one cycle of a wave is known as the wave’s
22. A magnetic compass is placed near an insulated copper wire. When the wire is connected to a battery and a current is created, the compass needle moves and changes its position. Which is the best explanation for the production of a force that causes the needle to move?
23. A beam of monochromatic light (f = 5.09  1014 Hz) has a wavelength of 589 nanometers in air. What is the wavelength of this light in Lucite?
24. If the amplitude of a sound wave is increased, there is an increase in the sound’s

25. In the diagram below, point P is located in the electric field betweentwooppositelycharged parallel plates.

PhysicsLAB: June 2016, Part 1 (7)

Compared to the magnitude and direction of the electrostatic force on an electron placed at point P, the electrostatic force on a protonplaced at point P has

PhysicsLAB: June 2016, Part 1 (2024)


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