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For DIY and construction purposes, battery-powered tools enable you to work more efficiently and accurately. However, these power tools make your life easy and hassle-free. The downside is that owning multiple power tools with different batteries and chargers can be costly and messy. Fortunately, here is the magical solution to your frustrating situation.

Since many power tool brands are concerned about this problem, they have started producing universal or cross-compatible batteries that will work equally well with devices from other brands as well.

Consequently, it makes it easier to switch between tools without having to buy a lot of batteries and without spending a lot. Throughout this guide, we are going to elaborate on the power tool battery compatibility chart. Check it out to find out which batteries can be interchanged between different brands and models.

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Quick Answer

Power Tool Batteries are only compatible with the same brand (brand compatibility exists) provided they have the same voltage, amps, chemistry, and size/shape. Cross-brand compatibility DOESN’T exist between these power tools as each brand has its unique design which fits well in its tools (brand).

So, Can a Dewalt battery fit a Milwaukee Tool? Not directly. But only by the use of a cross-brand battery adapter.

Conditions of Battery Compatibility

Compatibility refers to how well a battery can work with a specific tool or device. You should always use compatible batteries with the right tools. Replace the battery with the battery having the same voltage, amperage, battery chemistry, and size/shape. Lest it may damage your tool.

1- Power Voltage

The electrical potential difference between both negative and positive locations in an electrical circuit is measured in voltage. The voltage requirement for power tools is usually listed in the user guide or on the tool.

When a battery’s voltage is not compatible with a tool’s voltage, it may not work or even damage it.

2- Amperage

Electrical energy flowing through a circuit is known as circuit current or amperage. If a battery is not able to produce the required amount of amperage, power tools won’t work or may damage themselves.

3- Battery Chemistry

Battery chemistry should also be taken into consideration when determining compatibility. There are several types of power tool batteries, such as nickel-cadmium (NiCd), nickel-metal hydride (NiMH), and lithium-ion (Li-ion). Different types of batteries perform differently and work with different power tools based on their characteristics.

4- Size and Shape

Primarily, the size and shape of the battery is the essential factor to consider when looking for compatibility with specific tools. Make sure to choose the battery that best fits your device and tool for starting working.

Brand-Specific Compatibility

Brand-specific compatibility means the devices and accessories of a brand are only compatible with its brand-specific tools. Regarding battery-powered tools, the particular battery and charger appear to be compatible only with numerous models made by the same manufacturer.

When buying power tools and attachments, because it guarantees that the components will function properly and together, always make sure a battery, charger, or accessory is compatible with the particular brand and type of power tool you own by consulting the manufacturer’s compatibility information before making a purchase.

Cross-Brand Battery Compatibility

Cross-brand compatibility means the one brand battery is compatible with the other brand or vice versa. In the case of power tool batteries, this is generally not possible. Each brand prefers to make its unique battery latches that may fit into its brand tools.

We can say it is a clever selling strategy every brand is using to make repeat customers. And to sell more batteries, which is their primary money-making strategy. To solve this problem, we came up with battery adapters that make specific brand batteries compatible with another brand tool.

The Solution – Cross Brand Battery Adapter

Power Tool Battery Compatibility Chart - Cross Interchangeable - Ice Age Tools (1)

Using a brand’s battery for another brand’s tool was considered impossible, but with the latest technological progress, it’s now possible.

Here is a kicker!

The quick solution to battery compatibility!

The cross-brand-battery adapter.

The cross-brand-battery adapter allows you to use the battery of a brand’s tool with another brand’s tool or device. These cross-brand adapters eliminate the need to purchase the specific model or brand’s battery. Not only does it save you money, but you also avoid the hassles of managing multiple batteries and chargers.

It is crucial to remember that brand cross-battery adapters might not function with all makes and types of power tools and batteries. To ensure a cross-brand adapter will work with your particular power tool and battery, it is crucial to check the compatibility information before making a purchase. The manufacturer’s warranty on your power tool may also be voided if brand cross-battery adapters are used, so it’s essential to read the warranty conditions before using one.

Power Tool Battery Compatibility Chart


Note: This is my research. I have read brands’ data sheets, and forums, and seen YouTube videos with this information.

Dewalt (Battery)BoschMilwaukeeMakitaBlack+DeckerRyobi
Dewalt (Tool)XYesYesYesYesYes

Yes: Compabible (Using adapter)

No: Not Compatible (Using adapter)

X: Already Compatible (Same Brand)

Check these adapters on Amazon.

These major brands now use the latest technology of Lithium-ion batteries. These batteries are interchangeable within its wide range of tools of the same brands.

To use the battery of a brand with other brand tools, you should use the cross-brand adapter that enables you to connect a battery with multiple brands’ multiple tools.

Pro Tip: use the battery with other tools of the same brand according to its voltage and amperage as well. Before purchasing the cross-brand adapter, you should go through the manual or instructions for compatibility with your specific brands.

Tips for Maintaining Batteries

In battery-powered tools, the battery works as the backbone; without it, the tool is useless. Therefore, to ensure your tools work efficiently and accurately, take good care of your battery. The proper maintenance of the battery adds up to its life span. Here are some useful tips for your battery maintenance:

1. High-Quality Charger

First and foremost, your battery needs a high-quality charger. When you feed your battery with a proper and reliable charger, you will be able to extend its service life. Make sure the charger should be according to the type and compatibility of your tools or device. Battery overcharging or sudden battery shutdown can be prevented by the superior quality charger.

2. Avoid Overcharging

Overcharging kills your battery gradually as a slow poison. Overcharging causes overheating that shortens the lifespan as well as the performance of your battery. Take proper care of the battery while charging and turn off the charger after a specific time according to the manufacturer’s instructions.

3. Prevent Entirely Discharged

The entire discharge is a dangerous culprit behind the shorter lifespan of the battery. You can prevent malfunctioning and damaging the battery by avoiding using it till the last drop of power juice. Connect it to the charger when the LED light indicator shows the lower battery. On the other hand, you can judge through its speed that began to slow down while working which is the indicator of a lower battery.

4. Use Regularly

Another pro tip to prolong the battery life is its continuous usage. If you use it regularly as well as charge it, its temperature remains normal. Comparatively, if you keep it idle, its temperature cools down, and after a long time, it begins dead. Then to get it back to life, you will have to perform various treatments.

5. Store it safely

When the battery is no more in your usage, store it safely and correctly at a proper temperature. Neither the temperature is too hot nor too cold; it should be moderate to keep its living state.

6. Clean regularly

After using the battery for extended periods, dust, debris, and corrosion accumulated on the battery terminals. The dirty metal terminals can be caused by the malfunctioning battery. You should clean the battery terminals regularly to extend the lifespan and performance of your battery.

Frequently Asked Questions (faqs)

1- Are power tool batteries interchangeable?

Some power tool batteries are interchangeable. Brand-specific batteries are only interchangeable with tools and models of the same brand. Some brands even have models that require specific batteries that cannot be replaced by other models from the same brand. To accommodate your needs, some brands have introduced cross-brand adapters that allow you to connect a brand’s power tool battery to another brand’s device or tool.

2- Are Milwaukee batteries interchangeable with other brands?

Generally. Milwaukee batteries are not interchangeable. Their size, shape, connectors, and voltages are designed to fit only the specific Milwaukee power tools. If you try to use them forcefully, it can also harm the battery and tool.

You can use the particular cross-band adaptor to replace the battery with the other brand. The adapter has also compatibility limitations. So, read the instructions before using the adaptor for cross-interchanging the batteries of different brands.

3- What batteries are compatible with Ferrex tools?

Ferrex tools are compatible only with WALTER batteries due to their lightweight and compact size that allows for comfortable use. A spare battery can be easily replaced and is compatible with Ferrex cordless rotary tools. You can use the batteries with power tools according to the same voltage.

4- Are Dewalt 20v batteries interchangeable with other brands?

Dewalt 20v batteries are not interchangeable with other brands. These are only brand-specific and designed to fit into Dewalt’s power tools. The 20v Dewalt batteries can be interchangeable with an 18v whole line of tools.


To give you a proper awareness of the power tool battery compatibility with cross interchangeable, we have discussed every nook and corner. To choose the best battery according to your specific tools and needs, you should be well aware of the power tool’s battery compatibility and the cross-compatibility of different brands and their tools.

Individual Compatibility Charts

Bauer Battery Compatibility Chart

Hart Tools Battery Compatibility Chart

Dewalt Battery Compatibility Chart.

Power Tool Battery Compatibility Chart - Cross Interchangeable - Ice Age Tools (2024)


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