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The new Heart of Deimos expansion has a ton of new content within. Aside from the new open-world Cambion Drift, there’s a new faction too. The Entrati syndicate is a familial dynasty that works with the Tenno to accomplish their nefarious goals. You can trade with them for various rewards, as well as performing missions with them. The crux of the new faction is Entrati Family Tokens. Here’s everything we know about the new tokens and the Standing system they interact with.

You can trade the different family tokens with Grandmother for standing. This ties into the new story of the expansion and is a big part of the grind. So to get started, it helps to know what is expected of you. Digital Extremes has added the new Warframe Xaku, new weapons, Necramechs and more to the game with this update. And unlocking a lot of these requires grinding out tokens.

The Entrati Family Tokens and How to Acquire Them

Six different tokens are given out in Warframe right now. Most of them tie into the Cambion Drift in some way. The tokens are given out in a variety of missions handed out by each family member. And don’t waste time hunting them down on the map, once you visit them once, you can use the Fast Travel menu while inside the safe zone to jump right to whatever NPC you’re looking for.

If you need help finding where some of this stuff is, the Warframe community has put together a map of Deimos that shows the locations of all the different NPCs, Vaults and other content.

How to Get Mother Tokens?

Value: 100 Entrati Standing

Bounty missions for Mother are the best for farming fast standings, as the Level 30-40 Bounty roster has some of the easiest missions of the bunch. You could try out the harder ranks and earn more than 100 Mother Tokens per run, but they take muach longer.

The different bounties will reward the following amount of Mother Tokens:

  • Tier 1 – Level 5 to 15 – 12 Mother Tokens
  • Tier 2 – Level 15 to 25 – 30 Mother Tokens
  • Tier 3 – Level 25 to 30 – 45 Mother Tokens
  • Tier 4 – Level 30 to 40 – 85 Mother Tokens
  • Tier 5 – Level 40 to 60 – 136 Mother Tokens
  • Tier 5 (Steel Path) – Level 100 – 150 Mother Tokens

Mother Tokens are one of the easiest to get as you simply need to do bounties. Bounties will put you through a few stages where each stage will earn you Mother Tokens as well as the completion of the bounty. The Mother Tokens reward for bounties ranges from around 12 to 113 depending on the difficulty. The best way to get through most of the Mother missions is to bring a tanky frame with as much DPS as you can stack on, like Rhino.

How to Get Father Tokens?

Value: 100 Entrati Standing

Father is the most warlike of the Entrati, He has the task of maintaining weapons, and he is the source for all the Standing rewards for new weapons or mods. You go to him with resources, you give him those resources, he gives you guns. Simple. So go out and grab any resources from Vault runs or other resources and bring them back. You will be able to see what he wants in the Parts Requisition window.

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Check that window, and bring Father back what he wants for a small boost in Standing from 1 to 5 Tokens per run. If you’re into gathering loot in Warframe, this is the task for you. But you can definitely get Standing faster with other Tokens.

How to Get Daughter Tokens?

Value: 100 Entrati Standing

Daughter is all about Fishing in this game. You will see various Fish floating around that can be brought back to her and broken down. You will want to go for the Exocrine Assignments if you’re after Daughter Tokens. These can be traded in with rare fish for Tokens, You can also bring your other fish to her and she will provide crafting materials.

How to Get Son Tokens?

Value: 500 Entrati Standing

Son is the hunter of the lot. Though the Cambion Drift is a toxic place, beasts still roam its wastes. There are plenty of things to take down with your Tranq Rifle and bring back to Son for standing and other rewards. For example, he will see you Trophy Blueprints if you want to decorate your ship a bit, same with Daughter.

In return for successful captures, Son gives you Tokens. Each creature you capture rewards Tags, which can then be traded into Son. It works the same way as the other open-world areas. So that means the hardest-to-find creatures reward more Tags or more Standing.

How to Get Otak Tokens?

Value: 100 Entrati Standing

Otak is the miner of the family. The Entrati need a steady supply of gems and minerals, and Otak supplies them. These are some of the easier onee to get, as resource nodes are everywhere. It’s just like any other mining mini-game. Trigger your mining laser on a node, and release it at the right time to claim drops from the nodes. Bring back any gems from the mining runs back to Otak and he will trade Tokens with you. You can get nodes out in the Cambion Drift as well as in the Isolation Vault .

How to Get Grandmother Tokens?

Value: 1,500 Entrati Standing

These are the rarest and hardest to get of all the Entrati Family Tokens. Grandmother requires you to bring different amounts of Entrati Family Tokens back to her to fulfill various needs. She will spawn each cycle with up to five different offers, and each one will be different. Some quests from her will offer a ton of Standing, others not so much. This system is designed to increase the grind, so get prepared for that.

In addition to the excellent Standings gains, you can claim cosmetic items as well as seven new scenes for Captura. Grandmother is pretty chill and just wants those nice Tokens. You just have to check her offering and see what Tokens she wants in what amounts. Bring her the correct amount and you’re done.

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Warframe Entrati Family Tokens Guide - ISK Mogul Adventures (2024)


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